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By Roger Woehl With growing news reports of cyber security and foreign hackers, it makes one think: Are US food companies at risk
Simple Solutions to Meal Kit Food Safety Concerns: Is Your Product at Risk?

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By Suzanne Osborne Consumer reports predict that one in every five dinners will be bought online by 2025. Meal kits are going to
Blockchain Technology Set to Revolutionize Food Safety in Supply Chains

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By Tomaž Levak, Žiga Drev, and Branimir Rakić We’ve all heard the term “Blockchain” by now but what exactly is it, and has
How Will Banning Antibiotic Growth Promoters Affect Food Safety?

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By Suzanne Osborne The 1950s, marked by relative wealth for post-war Americans and Europeans, saw an explosion in the demand for meat. When
Are You Really In Control Of Your Facility’s Pest Control?

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By Jim Fredericks Food processors and packagers are faced with an array of challenges regarding pest control, and there are many reasons pests
What Food Producers and Exporters Need to Know about Pesticide Residue Limits

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By Amelie Balsillie As the food supply becomes increasingly global, consumers are increasingly looking for reassurances that the food they are serving to
Sustainability and Food Safety: What’s the Connection?

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By J. Marcelo Gomez Many consumers who are interested in food safety also express concern about animal welfare, rural economies, and environmental sustainability.
Preventing Foreign Body Contaminants from Entering the  Food Supply Chain

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By Chris Domenico Foreign body contaminants in the food supply chain are almost an inevitable occurrence, so it’s no surprise that the more
Protect Your Brand from Food Fraud by Leveraging a Track and Trace System

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By Gennady Volchek The global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy is estimated to reach $2.3 trillion by 2022,
Hot Topics in Food Safety: The Changing Definition of Food Safety

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By Allie Gallant Have you noticed a change in the coupons arriving in the mail these days? Popular fast food retailers are prominently
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