Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines for Article Contributions, Copyright Notice

All articles and blogs published by GFSR must meet the following criteria:

  • The submission of all ideas must be approved by the Managing Editor; please do not submit completed articles before you receive approval
  • Writers must agree to have articles translated into up to 60 languages using our proprietary software (although we do our best to ensure accuracy, GFSR makes no guarantee vis-à-vis translation accuracy) 
  • Article/blog ideas must be both topical and relevant to the our subject matter: food safety
  • Articles must be less than 600 words long
  • Blogs must be 300–400 words long
  • Articles and blogs must be non-promotional; i.e., please do do not promote any product or service
  • Articles and blogs must be written for a business-to-business (B2B) audience
  • The addition of one or two quotations to every article or blog is recommended
  • All articles will include the author’s byline; credit notes may include the author’s title, company name and URL
  • Writers must supply a bio for each article (“About the Author”) that is no more than 75 words long
  • We encourage writers to send photos and/or graphics to accompany their articles. Minimum size required is 72 dpi, 4 x 6 inches in size. RGB or grayscale preferred. There is no guarantee that the photos will be utilized with the article
  • Authors must provide proof of ownership, or approval to use, all images and graphics, and adhere to applicable copyright laws
  • Authors must adhere to scheduled deadlines; articles submitted after a deadline may be published at a later date
  • All articles and blogs must be original, previously unpublished material
  • Global Food Safety Resource Centre Inc. retains the World Wide Web copyright for all published articles and blogs (please read our copyright notice)
  • Reprinting of articles/blogs is expressly prohibited, unless permission is granted by the Publisher

Global Food Safety Resource reserves the right to:

  • Copy edit all articles and blogs; editing may include the addition of keywords for SEO purposes
  • Determine the suitability and final placement of all articles and blogs
  • Not guarantee that any article or blog will be published
  • Not return any unsolicited articles, blogs or images

If you are interested in making an editorial submission to Global Food Safety Resource, please email Susan Crossman, Editor, at editor@gfsr.ca.