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Toronto, Ontario, January 19, 2022 – Global Food Safety Resource Centre Inc. 

Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR) announced today that it has introduced premium content available for visitors to its website, globalfoodsafetyresource.com, beginning January 19, 2022.   

“We’re thrilled to provide premium content through monthly, annual and corporate subscriptions to readers and followers of our beloved brand,” said Tina Brillinger, President & CEO of Global Food Safety Resource. “Offering food professionals exclusive food safety content is a logical next step based on the overwhelmingly positive response of our readers who requested more elevated and interactive content on our B2B platforms.  

“GFSR’s pivot to a premium subscription model ensures that we can continue to provide high-quality resources to our passionate and loyal audiences who visit us to learn about industry issues and insights, maintain or improve standards and ensure compliance to regulations. Through our content, we also provide information about innovations, products and services, including training.” 

An annual subscription costs $99, whereas monthly subscriptions are $9.99. Corporate subscriptions are also available with rates on a sliding scale based on number of employees. The annual subscription, which includes a growing library of interactive content, text-based articles and eBooks, will also feature two half-day conferences a year, designed to provide additional support and knowledge in key areas of food safety like technology and training, food safety culture, risk management and cybersecurity. 

“With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many food companies are considered hotspots as employees working together in closed quarters have become vectors for transmitting the virus. Many businesses are reassessing their food safety systems and workplace health and safety measures. GFSR was one of the first to publish a COVID eBook titled ‘Pandemonium in the Food Industry’ providing information and guidance to companies struggling during this time.  

“We will keep giving our new and returning readers resources that help modernize their food safety systems to update regulations and standards, researching innovations and current events that are timely, unique, and focused on helping businesses manage risk by integrating preventable controls that meet new standards for compliance in a global marketplace.” 

GFSR’s mission is to be a global leader within the food community by providing companies with valuable resources that will enhance their brand reputation by ensuring their food products and processes are safe. GFSR’s corporate values of leadership, credibility and community ensure that our readers are receiving high quality, thoughtful content. GFSR customers now have even greater access to our superior products with a more immersive online experience.   

About Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR)

GFSR is an online education and training platform delivering interactive media and content on the latest food safety trends and training. GFSR promotes best practices for compliance to today’s food safety standards and supports training through its unique Learning Management System (LMS), the Safe-Food Training Hub. Companies can source quality eLearning and Virtual Training opportunities while professionals can enhance skills for career advancement. GFSR provides resources and tools to help companies improve their best practices in food safety while maintaining their market credibility.

Global Food Safety Resource Centre Inc. has been committed to business-to-business online journalism for 11 years. GFSR uses multiple vertical platforms for online distribution of content that are mobile-friendly and available in 60 languages, including training courses found on the Safe-Food Training Hub, an LMS platform for eLearning and social media. GFSR publishes a monthly Journal, eye on Food Safety, as well as digital eBooks and video interviews with experts. At the start of 2022, GFSR is launching its inaugural virtual conference, The Age of Modern Food Safety Training, hosted and sponsored by the Safe-Food Training Hub. Since 2010 our digital platforms have been accessed by food professionals and food businesses from around the globe. 

To learn more about our platforms visit: globalfoodsafetyresource.com and safefoodtraininghub.com   

For membership and media inquiries, contact: 

 Tina Brillinger, President & CEO  

 For editorial inquires, contact: 

Alexandra Emanuelli, Managing Editor 

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