Volume 6, Issue 9

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vol6 issue9 October VideoLinkArticles:

  • Featured Article: Food Safety
    Conformance Versus Compliance:
    When Is It OK to Say "NO!"?

  • Report Card for Implementing
    FSMA in the States

Blog Article:

  • Your FSMA Preventive Controls Checklist
  • Leveraging the Front Line for Food
    Safety Training

Food Safety Announcements:

  • Global Food Safety Resource partners with the 7th Annual Food Regulatory
    & Quality Assurance Summit
vol6 issue9 Featured Thumb Food Safety Conformance Versus Compliance Featured Article: Food Safety Conformance Versus Compliance: When Is It OK to Say "NO!"? - By Joan Martino- When my son entered Junior Kindergarten a few decades ago, his teacher had a conversation with me praising his high energy and then she proceeded to tell me that he was probably going to struggle within the "system." READ MORE
vol6 issue9 Thumb ReportCard Report Card for Implementing FSMA in the States -
By Dr. Darin S. Detwiler, D.LP.  - The FDA's initial implementation phase of FSMA includes a strong dependency on state and county agencies to help build an Integrated Food Safety System. While the investigation and reporting of foodborne illness by state and county health ...
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vol6 issue9 Thumb Blog FMSA preventativeControls

Blog: Your FSMA Preventive Controls Checklist
By Sarah Malenich  - Food companies have become
increasingly concerned over how they're going to meet the
new FSMA requirements and, as a result, standard owners
are stepping up to provide modules...

vol6 issue9 Thumb Blog CoopEducation

Blog: Leveraging the Front Line for Food Safety Training - By Andrew Kramer - Co-operative education, or "co-op", as it's commonly called, has successfully existed in Canada at the university level since the 1950s. With the continued implementation of the directives of the Safe Food ...READ MORE

Vol6 Issue8VirtualPanel NEW Highlights from GFSR's Panel Discussion on Food Fraud The Next Big Killer By GFSR Staff  - There was a terrific turnout for Global Food Safety Resource's (GFSR) first online video panel discussion in late August and we were delighted with our audience's interest in "The Next Big Killer: Food Fraud—Protecting Your Brand Through Transparency." ...READ MORE
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White Paper: The Rise of the Quality Business Network 
Driven by market expansion, financial pressures and the need
to accelerate innovation, today's manufacturers have expanded their global operations and increased the number of supply partners. DOWNLOAD NOW

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Food Safety Announcements
Global Food Safety Resource partners with the 7th Annual Food Regulatory & Quality Assurance Summit
To stay on top of the latest updates and innovations from industry CLICK HERE

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